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Step n Dry keeps items stored on your floor dry (birdseed, boxes, plywood etc.) Step n Dry saves shoes and pants from white salt-water lines.Squeegee out a limited area instead of your whole garage. Order the Step N Dry kit today!

SKU: 12145
if no promo code use $25 flat discount per number of kits over 1 as the multiple kit discount.

Product Description

Each Step N Dry kit is designed to surround one vehicle in one bay or stall of a garage.

Kits can be installed side-by-side or can be installed as a single perimeter around multiple vehicles.

Kits can be installed where one door serves two bays/stalls or each bay/stall has a separate door.

Kits come in 3 sizes to match different size vehicles (See the “Select the Kit That’s Right for You” page)

Kits also come with black or gray adhesive sealant.

  •     Usually gray is selected when installing on uncoated concrete.
  •     Usually black is selected when installing on coated floors.


Each kit includes the following with lengths and/or quantity varying according to kit size:

  •     Custom Aluminum rails (minimum 46 feet per kit)
  •     Custom, High Impact, injection molded, interlocking Plastic Connectors (minimum6 per kit)
  •     Industrial Strength Adhesive Sealant in caulking style tubes (minimum 5 tubes per kit)
  •     Locator Strips to aid in the installation
  •     Installation Instructions


Kits are 100% sourced, manufactured and assembled in the U.S.A.

Order the Step N Dry kit today!

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Extra-Large – Black Adhesive/Sealant, Extra-Large – Gray Adhesive/Sealant, Large – Black Adhesive/Sealant, Large – Gray Adhesive/Sealant, Standard – Black Adhesive/Sealant, Standard – Gray Adhesive/Sealant