Step N Dry

The Dry Garage Barrier System

The Step n Dry system traps and contains all of that ice, slush, salt, snow, mud and water mix under your vehicle so you walk on a clean, dry garage floor.

Keep your storage, workshop and toys free and clear from water, slush and mud.

Stop tracking all that mess into the house. Your floors, carpet and shoes will look better and last longer.

The low profile rails are easy to step on or over. You can even drive over them.

Step n Dry keeps items stored on your floor dry (birdseed, boxes, plywood etc.) Step n Dry saves shoes and pants from white salt-water lines. Squeegee out a limited area instead of your whole garage.


Car Page 2Imagine stepping out of your car, in your garage, onto a dry floor even in the worst of winter.

Imagine the dry work and play areas of your garage, free of slush and salt that spreads out through your garage after it drops off your car.

Imagine the ease of pushing out that melted mess from your garage when it is neatly contained under your car, SUV or truck and hasn’t spread around your garage.

Imagine clean, dry shoes as you walk into the house from your garage in winter.

Imagine your floors and carpets free of salt deposits through the winter

Imagine the ease of the springtime cleanup when all the mess is contained in the center of the garage bay.