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Ordering information:

Oder a standard, large or extra large kit with gray or black adhesive

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 Things You Should Know Before Ordering

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Doing it Yourself?

Here some things you should know about floor preparation. Do it yourself instructions can be found here.

Concrete Floors –

Any pitting in the area of the rails needs to be cleaned out thoroughly and pits need to be filled in with
concrete patch. Then the area where the rails will go needs to be ground with an angle grinder or floor grinder
to prepare the area for the adhesive/sealant. Finally, any remaining grease or oil stains need to be washed
with a degreaser and thoroughly rinsed clean. The floor needs to be smooth with a porous (ground) surface
and clean before installation.

Coated or Painted Floors –

Coating or Paints must be completely sealed to the concrete underneath or Step n Dry cannot be installed.

Install only on floors where there is no indication of lifting or peeling anywhere on the floor. Clean the
area of the rails with a good soap and degreaser and rinse thoroughly. Check for raised grit embedded in the
paint or coating and remove.

No Tile Floors –

Do not install Step n Dry on tile floors. The water will migrate under the rails between the tiles.